Reinhold & Partners, in cooperation with local authorities and associations in France, enables companies wishing to set up or relocate all or part of their activities in France, to carry out their project quickly and efficiently.


As the United Kingdom (UK) leaves the European Union (EU) there will inevitably be changes to existing procedures, new requirements and regulatory differences to be negotiated for those engaged in businesses across the region. For companies wishing to relocate all or part of their activities to France, this can be a daunting experience, and a great opportunity for their business.

Reinhold & Partners is uniquely positioned with a network of specialists and service providers to assist in every aspect of such relocation, from business matters to more individual ones.

On the business side, we assist in operational matters such as accounting, regulatory, financial, as well as human resources and premises. On the individual side, we facilitate the venue by providing contacts and social introductions. Reinhold & Partners has an extensive network of people that we regularly work with in local authorities, associations, accounting firms, banks, estate agents etcetera, to be mobilized quickly and efficiently in order to make both the move of your company, and the move of the relevant staff as painless, cost effective and timely as possible.

At Reinhold & Partners we think Brexit constraints may be the starting point for a renewed appraisal of the development of the business and also personal living.

With our extensive experience of dealing with companies based in London, Dublin, Paris and the wider EU, Reinhold & Partners is the call you need to make in order to achieve a smooth and seamless solution to the challenges that Brexit will undoubtedly bring.


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