About Us

Drawing on decades of well recognised experience at the cutting edge of hedge fund development, the company brings to a project a level of unrivalled expertise in the industry.

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Asset Managers

Providing asset managers services in relation with Creation, Evaluation, Assistance Help Desk, Governance and Directorships.

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Helping investors set appropriate standards and performance drivers for their investment selection process as well as dealing with crisis management, should a fund encounter issues.

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is an independent company founded by Alain Reinhold and Bertrand Gibeau. They have helped over 120 clients from France, United Kingdom, Ireland, Switzerland, Singapore, Hong-Kong .. since being setup in 2008.

R&P provide comprehensive services such as detailed guidance on the structuring, development and monitoring of clients’ activities in relation to all types of funds and domiciles, including hedge funds and alternative investments.

Drawing on decades of highly regarded experience at the cutting edge of hedge fund development, R&P bring a level of unrivalled expertise in the industry.

Reinhold & Partners is based in Paris (France) and benefits from the support of a network of experts, mainly in France, Luxembourg, Netherland and Hong Kong.

Why Us

Because we have the experience, a specialist knowledge, and are cost effective, we can help you at any stage of your investment management and fund’s life.

Because at Reinhold & Partners we know that:

Rules are complex and changing

Compliance with rules and best practices is challenging

Legal and operational risks are high and varied

Tax structure affects performance

Coordinating many service providers is time consuming

Regulatory requirements are many

Reinhold & Partners is the architect of your investments solutions.