Asset managers must be able to demonstrate to their clients that besides their performance drivers they have  strong, secure operational framework and accounting functions as well as appropriate risk management, custody and governance in place for their funds.


Reversed due diligences

Reversed due diligences allow asset managers to show their investors the robustness of their operational process and structure. They are made following the same format as due diligence for investors and are immediately usable by asset managers.

Audit of the due diligence processes

Auditing the due diligence processes allows identifying potential issues and optimises the existing structure.

External control of due diligences is now required by the French Financial Market Authority. Investors are aware of the operational risks and particularly concerned by their proper implementation.

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Due diligence for M&A and Joint Ventures

The asset management industry is now in a consolidation phase.

can provide you with the appropriate due diligences to select the right partner and can also intervene later to ensure a smooth integration process.

Based on their expertise and experience, R&P have developed their own management company valuation methodology, which also takes soft aspects and synergies into account to facilitate deals.