Portrait of Bertrand Gibeau by Isadora Pardo – TechFin Luxembourg

Portrait of… Bertrand Gibeau Independent Director and Partner at Reinhold & Partners, his skills combine experience, tools and common sense.   By Isadora Pardo – Director – TechFin Luxembourg   When I was at business school, I had a friend who used to say « in business, luck is when opportunity meets thorough preparation. » […]

AIFMD : vitesse de croisière atteinte ?

[bing_translator] Spécial Amphi n°18 / Publication Août 2015 • L’industrie de la gestion d’actifs à l’heure de l’Union des Marchés de Capitaux Table ronde: AIFMD : vitesse de croisière atteinte ? Animateur : Bertrand Gibeau Associé, REINHOLD & PARTNERS Intervenants : • Jean Devambez Head of Products & Client Solutions, BNP PARIBAS SECURITIES SERVICES • […]