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Because financial instruments, OTC trades and strategies are more elaborate, regulated, frequent and opaque, funds may have to face more difficulties and deal with complex risks. Asset managers may be faced with massive redemptions, fails of counterparties, valuation errors, discovery of faults or frauds including AML issues. The promptness and accuracy of their reaction are […]


Asset managers must be able to demonstrate to their clients that besides their performance drivers they have  strong, secure operational framework and accounting functions as well as appropriate risk management, custody and governance in place for their funds.   Reversed due diligences Reversed due diligences allow asset managers to show their investors the robustness of […]


The added value of Reinhold & Partners is to ease and accelerate the implementation of any projects and to coordinate service providers so that their clients can focus on investments management and business development. Creation We have developed a recognised expertise to set up asset management companies mainly in France, and funds in various domiciles […]


Depending on their constraints and objectives, investors will select different asset classes. They may offer greater profit but also carry higher risks potentially leading to disastrous consequences resulting, for instance, in the creation of gates and side pockets.   Crisis management When investors encounter liquidity issues or even go through the collapse of a fund, […]


Through their experience and expertise, Reinhold & Partners help investors set appropriate standards and performance drivers for their investment selection process.   Our vision Investors can mitigate their risks and shorten the asset managers selection process by setting appropriate specification standards. This tool allows investors to focus on funds and asset managers with sufficient operational […]


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Reinhold & Partners

Reinhold & Partners is an independent company founded by Alain Reinhold; it provides comprehensive services such as detailed guidance on the structuring, development and monitoring of a client’s activities in relation to hedge funds and alternative investments. Drawing on decades of well recognised experience at the cutting edge of hedge fund development, the company brings […]

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