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In July of last year, the Prime Minister announced a reform agenda to make our financial centre more attractive, alongside local and regional authorities, with the shared ambition of making Paris the leading European financial centre.   One year on, all the measures announced by the Government have been implemented, demonstrating our commitment to improve […]

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Brexit: France is not the bad guy.    Voices from players of the French asset management industry have raised to contest controversial memo leaked last July in a British newspaper. Also a number of London-based managers could relocate to Paris by the end of the year. InvestmentEurope reports. “They are crystal clear about their underlying […]

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The French Sicav reborn. Click here to view the article on

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Des espoirs mais aucun mouvement sur le marché immobilier francilien après l’annonce du Brexit. Paris n’est pas le seul plan B. Wait and see. » Passé le choc du vote en faveur du Brexit, en juin dernier, les répercussions du référendum anglais sur le marché de l’immobilier francilien restent insondables. Hormis la vaste opération séduction […]

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The FROG workshop (French Routes and Opportunities Garden), launched in February 2016 after the joint initiative of the AMF and the French Asset Management Association (AFG), has just concluded its work. The report lists seven concrete innovations, some of which are of regulatory nature – with the view to facilitate the international development of the […]

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Portrait of… Bertrand Gibeau Independent Director and Partner at Reinhold & Partners, his skills combine experience, tools and common sense.   By Isadora Pardo – Director – TechFin Luxembourg   When I was at business school, I had a friend who used to say « in business, luck is when opportunity meets thorough preparation. » […]

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Spécial Amphi n°18 / Publication Août 2015 • L’industrie de la gestion d’actifs à l’heure de l’Union des Marchés de Capitaux Table ronde: AIFMD : vitesse de croisière atteinte ? Animateur : Bertrand Gibeau Associé, REINHOLD & PARTNERS Intervenants : • Jean Devambez Head of Products & Client Solutions, BNP PARIBAS SECURITIES SERVICES • Anne […]

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Le fondateur de Reinhold & Partners accompagne les « asset managers » et gérants alternatifs à chaque étape de leur projet.   La vie est une série de hasards », lance Alain Reinhold du haut d’une vie professionnelle bien remplie. A bientôt 68 ans, cet homme aux abords timides a su néanmoins emprunter les bons […]

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France is among the first jurisdictions to have transposed the AIFM Directive, in July 2013. How can international investors benefit from this early implementation and from the French expertise? Read the article here. (PDF, 1Mb).   Key benefits for investors choosing Paris asset managers – Paris AIFMs and AIFs are already largely AIFMD-compliant: Ahead of […]

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La Rencontre Institutionnelle du 19 mars a permis de faire un point d’étape sur la directive ucits 4 et son incidence sur la gestion institutionnelle. La course à la taille (optimale) et à la rationalisation conduit d’ores et déjà à un déplacement d’activité vers le Luxembourg. Une évolution inévitable ? Téléchargez l’article complet ici. (fr)

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