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Governance and Directorships

In a rapidly changing and regulated environment, Reinhold & Partners offers a differentiated, value-added service, materially enhancing the Boards of funds.


Reinhold & Partners provides Directors with the expertise required in today’s rapidly changing fund industry, which is shifting towards stronger Board governance requiring independent Directors with genuine expertise in the fields of UCITS and alternative Investment Funds.


The role of Directors has evolved towards providing greater oversight; covering all investment strategies, market’s liquidity and operational risks, as well as distribution and AML. Reinhold & Partners provides Directors with expertise across all these areas.


We understand that Investors and regulators expect far more from Boards today than in the past. Effective oversight and “compliance based” governance are essential and directors’ liabilities are much increased. More than ever, it is a balancing act for Boards to satisfy both regulators (compliance) and investors (alignment of interests) without obstructing the Investment Manager.


Reinhold & Partners believes the most valuable asset of the Fund is its Fund Manager. We have a partnership approach and, thanks to our holistic understanding of the Fund industry, we are able to work side-by-side with the manager during the start-up phase, maintaining an active dialogue with key service providers, including the Administrator and the Auditors.


Investors recognise we add value to fund governance, thanks to our broad based, international expertise in regulatory, financial, operational and risk management matters, supplemented by our in-depth understanding of fund strategies.


Furthermore, we have built up a recognised expertise in addressing highly complex situations.


All directors affiliated to Reinhold & Partners undertake their directorships using our AlphaBoard® method, ensuring a best practice service fit for today’s challenging environment.


Our clients like our pragmatic approach; our operational perspectives; and our risk based approach to oversight, which focuses on key issues that could potentially arise. They appreciate our cross boarder experience of different regulators; our ability to assess complex strategies and operations; and also our lengthy experience with many service providers.


Reinhold & Partners unquestionably enhances your board and ensures it is fit for today’s world.