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Because financial instruments, OTC trades and strategies are more elaborated, regulated, frequent and opaque (blurry), alternative funds may have to face more complex difficulties than traditional assets.

Massive redemptions, fails of counterparties, valuation errors, discovery of faults or frauds may hit the asset manager. The promptness and accuracy of his reaction are both crucial and vital.

follows and assists through all these steps:

  • By providing an analysis of the failure, distinguishing the root causes and immediate causes
  • Exploring whether this failure is due to misconduct, fraud or negligence
  • Seeking compensation from the appropriate parties where relevant
  • Coordinating with legal counsels to provide governance guidelines

coordinates the various service providers to achieve the best possible outcome in case of sudden liquidity restriction, or recovery in case of bankruptcy.

offers to its customers the development and implementation of tools to enable the detection of any early warning signs, allowing actions to be taken ahead in case of a potential failure.

Some cases :

  • Transactions distressed, funds mergers
  • Asset managers joint venture

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